Me, myself & I

My name is Oliver O. Cato. I was born in 1973 in Southport, Australia but have lived most my adult life in Europe, especially London and Berlin. I am a writer and poet and have been producing texts of various types for over twenty-five years. The oldest “last changed” dates I have on my hard drive are some ms word .doc files showing 1996-06-12.

In 2015 my novel RESISTANCE was independently published and is available on amazon and other online retailers as well as all good bookshops. I am constantly producing new work and approaching all the traditional publication channels such as literary magazines, online art portals and others.

Throughout my career I have produced texts of a very non-commercial nature. With a degree in philosophy and a tendency to see writing as art this is perhaps not surprising. Since my fortieth birthday I have become fascinated with the concept of story and this has seen a tempering or perhaps relaxing of my style towards inclusivity. I think really that I am still on the journey that was begun so long ago, exploring my creativity and my relationship to the blank page.

I conceived this website as a place to gather a few old threads of myself and connect them with the new. My hope is that if you came here looking for more information about me then you gained some satisfaction.


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